A funeral is a remarkable event. Well conducted, it helps to celebrate and give thanks for each unique life, it gives an assurance that the departed is at peace, and can help bring peace to all who mourn. Even within a relatively short service it is possible for both tears and laughter to seem both natural and healing. At St James’ we take particular care over this aspect of the church’s ministry and we consider it a privilege to be asked to conduct a funeral for any who live in or are connected to our village.

A funeral service can be conducted at St James’ Church (whether or not the committal is to follow in our churchyard) or the service can take place at one of the local crematoria such as Salisbury or Bournemouth. We are fortunate that our churchyard remains available for burials and is renowned both for its peaceful, beautiful appearance and for its careful upkeep by church members and volunteers. Following a cremation, the ashes may also be buried in the churchyard. This can be arranged very simply and at any suitable time although typically it takes place immediately following a Sunday morning service, following prayers said in church.

To arrange a funeral, you can make contact directly with St James’ Church on 07805979827 or you can ask the Funeral Director to contact the vicar to arrange a convenient date and time. The vicar will arrange to visit the next of kin or other family members/friends to discuss and arrange the funeral. Your thoughts and input are very valuable. Every funeral – and each funeral address offered by the minister – is unique and ‘tailor made’ to reflect the individual person being remembered.

We are required to charge a fee both for conducting the service and for a burial and for any kind of permanent memorial. These fees are shared between our local church and the national Church of England that provides and employs clergy. The vicar receives no personal payment from conducting funerals or other services. You can view the statutory fees here, although in addition we also charge £30 for a verger (who helps the vicar get the building ready and is able to welcome and assist all who attend) and £50 for an organist. In winter a small supplement is also charged if church heating is needed.

Our Church Hall is usually available for refreshments following a funeral, for which we charge £50. Your Funeral Director will be happy to help with arranging this, including the provision of suitable refreshments.

To arrange a funeral please contact the parish office on ‭07805 979827‬ or email

Please also know that there are various regulations surrounding burials and memorials – for further information see our churchyard page and follow the links there.