Corona Response

Let us pray together, show God’s love for one another in words and deeds, and believe that God will be with us in whatever befalls, and will show us a way through to the other side.

These strange times have seen us thrown back on our resources – and we have flourished. The school has carried on. The community has come together, the church has risen to the challenge. We will continue to do what it takes, and we will come through this stronger, together.

The community response

As a church we are working with the Chapel to co-ordinate a response in the village.

If you need a prescription picking up – phone 07895 849359 (Recreate Hotline)

If you need urgent supplies – phone 01425 655155 (Alderholt Chapel)

And we have an email  –

and a facebook page – Alderholt Corona response group


Here are some prayers you might find useful:




You might like to combine your daily exercise with a prayer in the churchyard – using our Labyrinth

Church of England

Things are changing all the time at the moment, for the latest Church of England advice follow this link

We are now able to do christenings, weddings and funerals, under strict guidelines